3 Top Men's Hairsprays by Hair Type for 2018

3 Top Men’s Hairsprays by Hair Type for 2018

When it comes to the modern man, his best accessory is his hair!
interested in their personal grooming and appearance. The days of slapping some crunchy gel on their hair are over.

There are dozens of amazing new men’s product lines popping up giving guys more options for what they can do with their hair. We have a solution for you, welcome to the world of hairspray, gentlemen!

Hairspray is a fantastic style aid for men. It is an easy way to add volume to thinning hair and to hold longer styles into place all day. Some men don’t like to use heavy products, because they can be thick, sticky and weigh down the hair. It can be used to achieve maximum hold or to simply tame unruly curly hair.

If you are looking for any new product, you should do some research on what would be best for your specific hair type.

Best Sprays by Hair Type

Fine and Thinning Hair
Look for keywords boost, volume or lift.

Thick Hair​

Curly Hair​
It will hold your style and still allow for movement.

Here are my top Hairspray Picks for 2018


Esquire Grooming spray It is great for finishing and locking in
It can be applied to wet or dry hair and is great for pairing with other products.
I can use this as a light, medium or firm spray to suit all of my styling needs.


American Crew Grooming Spray   It is a buildable product, the more you use, the firmer the hold. I like to use this paired with a styling product to maintain a secure hold and add some shine.

Vanessa Branda

Vanessa Branda is a National Educator and STEEL Team Director at 18|8 Fine Men's Salons.